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A lot of homeowners neglect their garage door and allow it to break down as a result. A broken garage door is not only an inconvenience but also may create bigger problems than simply losing your storage space. That said, below 5 Garage door checklist items for a household’s garage door that should be done to prevent garage door issues.

1. Lubricate the hinges

The first thing that should be done is to lubricate the garage door’s hinges. The lubrication will prevent the doors from sticking. To lubricate, use a good spray type WD-40 and apply it to both sides of each hinge. After you have finished spraying both sides of each hinge, open and close each garage door to distribute the lubricant throughout the hinges. This should be done every six months or so.

2. Change the rollers once in a while

The rollers are one of the parts of the door that wears out and it needs to be changed soon enough. You might want to check out the garage door roller replacement guide for replacing your garage door’s roller bearings. This would help you avoid service fees when you are already in need of a replacement. This would also save you time and hassle.

3. Inspect the weather strips

The weather strips are there to keep the garage’s walls from curling and cracking. Since garage doors undergo a lot of strain, it is necessary for you to check on them once in awhile. You will want to make sure that the weather stripping is intact and doesn’t have any tears or holes. If you notice this, then you will want to tighten them up with a pair of pliers so that they would not be letting any water get through.

4. Adjusting the torsion springs

The torsion springs are another component of the garage door that needs attention once in a while. They should be checked on a regular basis and adjusted if required. Torsion springs are usually adjusted by a professional to prevent any injuries as well. You can usually adjust the torsion springs every six months or so.

5. Examine the garage door’s wall tracks

The tracks should be examined for signs of rust or wear and tear. Any roller that is not functioning will need to be replaced before it causes damage to the garage door itself. If you notice any rusty spots on the tracks then you would want to sand them off and then apply some lubricant on the track.

6. Clean the track once in a while

It is also important to clean and lubricate the garage door’s tracks. You will want to check on the tracks on a regular basis to make sure they are always in good shape. This prevents any unwanted incidents from happening. In cleaning, you should use a soft bristle brush and vacuum the dirt off before applying any lubricant.


In conclusion, the above list covers some of the primary points that you should keep in mind when taking care of your garage door. Doing this will allow you to avoid service fees and you will be able to take care of your house’s garage door yourself.

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