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Commercial Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

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American Garage Door and Repair provides installation, replacement and repair of hollow metal doors and frames. Our field technicians are experts and have been providing high quality services for over 20 years for commercial customers in Florida.
To get a free estimate, schedule a free field survey with us by calling us 24/7 at (754)-253-4586 at no extra charge.

Hollow Metal Door Installation

Hollow Metal Doors are of high quality that provide security, durability and reduce any concerns for weather conditions. Depending on your needs, hollow metal doors are available with insulation and/or vision kits.
The process of installing a new door is straightforward with American Garage Door and repair. Lets show you how we do it.

Step 1 – Field Survey

Schedule an appointment with us. We’ll send an expert field technician to look at your unique case and requirements. You’ll get a free, no obligation price quote and can ask him any questions you might have.

Step 2 – Demolition and Hauling of old materials

Once you’re please with the door type, design and price then its time to get started. We will need to remove any old material, in order to install the new door.

Step 3 – Opening Preparation

Now its time to prepare you new door for installation. This means possible opening cuttings and any fixes that might be required for us to install your hollow metal door.

Step 4 – Full installation of frame, door and hardware

When the opening prep is concluded we can install your frame, any additional hardware and the door itself.

Step 5 – Painting the Frame and door

Only after the frame and door are installed and adjusted we will paint the frame and door per your request.

Step 6 – Caulking

This is the last step and here we’ll fill in any gaps or cracks between the frame and the concrete (or wall) to give your door the perfect look, high quality finish and seamless construction.

Hollow Metal Doors Features

Full honeycomb core to provide rigidity and impact resistance
Fabricated from 18 gauge steel or more upon request
Baked-on gray primer for maximum finish paint adhesion
Steel frames to match application
Full flush and seamless construction
Hollow Metal Doors Vs. Wood Doors
Over the past few years more and more store and commercial property owners are preferring hollow metal doors over wooden doors for many reasons. The main ones being added security, durability and minimum maintenance. Furthermore, hollow metal doors come in several sizes and can be made to fit custom openings.

Hollow Metal Doors Replacement

There are dozens of manufacturers who make hollow metal doors and some have gone out of business. Thats the reason why replacing a door can be tricky. At (754)-253-4586  we install special replacement doors that have been reverse engineered to match the manufacturers’ original frames. This reduces labor, cost and modification of the original frame when matching the hinge spacing to the original door frame.

Free Estimate 24/7

American Garage door and repair specializes in installation and replacement of hollow metal doors and frames and moreover we have over 20 years of expert experience servicing clients. Our technicians are very helpful professionals, skilled and friendly. You can rely on us for a very professional job that will keep you satisfied!
For a free, no obligation estimate call American Garage Door and Repair (754)-253-4586 24/7 at no extra charge. American Garage Door and repair is your best choice for top quality hollow metal doors and frames services!